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Press the Activate Scorestreak bind to activate "Hotkey Shift", and then press one of the following binds:

Sprint   Display information such as GUID, map stats, bank balance and total score
Jump   Spawn Double Points power-up (VIP-only; 2 per game)
Use   Spawn Insta-Kill power-up (VIP-only; 1 per game)
Change Stance   Spawn Max Ammo power-up (VIP-only; 1 per game)


Chat Commands

Enter the following commands in the text chat:

.MAP ConfigName   Force instant map change (must be a VIP Member or alone on the server)
.VOTEMAP ConfigName   Vote for map change
.MAPS   List config names

.STATS   Display stats, including bank balance and high round/score records for current map

.WHERE   Display current locations of all players
.BUS   Display current location of bus on Tranzit
.LEROY   Display current location of Arthur on Buried
.TANK   Display current location of tank on Origins

.WEAP   Display weapon ID of weapon currently in hand
.WEAPS   Display weapon IDs of all weapons in inventory
.LOSEGUN WeaponID   Remove unwanted weapon from inventory (weapon is destroyed)
.LOSEPERK PerkCode   Remove unwanted perk

      PerkCode can be any of the following:
      Deadshot Daiquiri: DS | DE | DD
      Double Tap II Root Beer: DT | DO
      Electric Cherry: EC | EL
      Jugger-Nog: JU | JN
      Mule Kick (including Persistent Mule Kick): MK | MU
      Quick Revive: QR | QU
      Speed Cola: SC | SP
      Stamin-Up: ST | SU
      Vulture-Aid: VA | VU

.2X   Spawn Double Points power-up (VIP-only; 2 per game)
.IK   Spawn Insta-Kill power-up (VIP-only; 1 per game)
.MAX   Spawn Max Ammo power-up (VIP-only; 1 per game)

.KICK PlayerName   Kick player (VIP-only)
.BAN PlayerName [Time [Units [Reason]]]   Ban player (VIP-only)

      PlayerName can be a partial name. In the case of bans, it must be only one word.

      TimeUnits can be any of the following:
      N ≡ minutes
      H ≡ hours
      D ≡ days
      W ≡ weeks
      M ≡ months (admin-only; VIP bans are limited to 1 week)

      Ban Examples:
      .BAN JAMES   Ban James for 1 hour (defaults to 1 hour if time and units are omitted)
      .BAN LARS 30   Ban Lars for 30 minutes (units default to minutes if time is entered but units are not)
      .BAN KIRK 2 D   Ban Kirk for 2 days
      .BAN ROB 1 W TROLLING AND INSULTS   Ban Rob for 1 week, stating reason


Server Controls


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